Chums Stool case

Business Cooperation Case: Chums Stool for Japan Market



Chums Stool, a reputable manufacturer of ergonomic seating solutions, is expanding its presence in the Japanese market. The company aims to provide high-quality stools that combine comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. As part of this expansion, Chums Stool seeks a strategic partnership with a local distributor to ensure successful market penetration.

Key Objectives

1.Product Quality Assurance: Chums Stool is committed to delivering stools that meet stringent quality standards. To achieve this, the company proposes a comprehensive 100% inspection process for every stool produced.

2.Quantity and Timelines: The initial order consists of 40,000 stools. The production timeline is crucial, with delivery expected within 90 days from the contract signing.

3.Market Positioning: Chums Stool aims to position its products as premium ergonomic solutions, appealing to office spaces, cafes, and home environments. The stools’ design, durability, and comfort will be key selling points.

Terms of Cooperation

1.Quality Control and Inspection:

Chums Stool will collaborate with a third-party inspection company to conduct 100% inspections at the Top Gear Outdoor’s factory. This ensures that each stool meets specifications, safety requirements, and customer expectations.

Inspections will occur at various stages: during production, before packaging, and after packaging.

Any defects identified will trigger corrective actions, including rework or replacement.

2.Product Specifications:

Chums Stool will provide detailed specifications for the stools, including dimensions, materials, weight capacity, and finish.The stools will be available in various colors and designs to cater to different customer preferences.

3.Packaging and Labeling:

Each stool will be securely packaged to prevent damage during transit.
Clear labeling will indicate product details, including model numbers, safety certifications, and care instructions.

4.Delivery Schedule:

The 40,000 stools will be delivered in batches to ensure efficient handling and distribution.
The first batch of 10,000 stools will be ready for shipment within 45 days, followed by subsequent batches.

5.Payment Terms:

Payment will be structured as follows:
30% advance payment upon signing the contract.
60% payment upon completion of production and successful inspection.
10% balance payment upon delivery and acceptance by the distributor.

6.Marketing Support:

Chums Stool will collaborate with the distributor on marketing efforts, including product launches, promotional campaigns, and trade shows.
Marketing materials (brochures, catalogs, and digital content) will highlight the stools’ features and benefits.


Chums Stool is excited about the potential of the Japanese market and looks forward to a fruitful partnership. By prioritizing quality, timely delivery, and effective marketing, Xiamen Top Gear Outdoor aim to establish Chums Stool as a trusted brand in ergonomic seating solutions across Japan.